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A family history



In 1941, Mr Monsieur André Cochard decided to buy 22'000 m2 of property on the lake side against everybody. For sure, at the ages, the lake sides were infested with moskitoes, people were building industries and not far away from the property and they also wanted to built an incinerator.


On this property, is located this famous brick factory, old of 4 centuries, where finally some fishermen are living.
Later on, it's during a lovely week-end with his wife Thérèse Yolanda that Mr André Cochard had the idea to built small furnished apartments with a kitchen and bathroom to welcome tourists. In 1955, Mr Cochard began the first brick of this new building : les studios, which is the main activity : Les Studios-Week-End-Cochard.


Very creativ and novator, Mr Cochard created his own booklet with advertising and some drawings and pictures.

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